After 12 years, two albums, two EPs, a handful of singles, an impressive synch licensing resume, and nearly a thousand shows, pop singer-songwriter-pianist Maggie McClure felt ready to make a bold new statement: A majestic and atmospheric album of her most intimate songwriting, Time Moves On. “I feel extremely connected to this album, it’s very personal, and I did a lot experimenting. I didn’t want to play it safe,” the Los Angeles-based artist says. 

“It’s about embarking on new and unpredictable journeys and making improvements to create your future,” Maggie says. The album chronicles her move from Norman, Oklahoma to Los Angeles to further pursue her music career, and a new and empowered outlook on life based on being brave enough to seek out and embrace a centered existence.

Time Moves On is ethereal and expansive, with achingly gorgeous vocals, moody guitars, and playfully quirky keyboard touches. Producer Justin Glasco (Dan Wilson, Tyler Hilton, Gary Jules, Margaret Cho, Adrianne Gonzalez, Garrison Starr and Cary Brothers) tailors each song’s sonic treatment to aptly capture the spirit of Maggie’s poetic introspection.

“My songs are basically excerpts from my journal edited to fit the music,” Maggie says. “I write songs straight from my soul.” The hauntingly beautiful “Liar Liar” eloquently and emotionally frames a spiritual epiphany. “That came to life one Sunday afternoon after a church sermon about staying connected to your spirituality,” she explains. “It’s about stepping back, and not being so career obsessed that you lose sight of what’s important in life.” The stately “Reset” patiently unfolds with subtle power; mixing sweetly mournful textures with sublime hooks. Its feel is melancholy but tenderly hopeful—it’s a song about new beginnings. Here Maggie sings: There’s so much on my mind, I’m just tryin to get it right/Lost in all this information, the answers are so hard to find/We’ve made mistakes before, by closing open doors/Can we just start over, Is it too late to start over?

The stunning “Troubled Heart” conjures the dark alley loneliness of 1960s soul ballads but modernizes the vibe with moony electro ambience. “The song is about taking that big step forward when know you need to change,” she says.

Maggie’s gift for confessional songwriting that’s broad appealing has enabled her music to garner plum synch placements. Her songs have appeared in the film Cowgirls N' Angels, and in such television shows as Dr. Phil, Cougar Town, The Real World, Worst Prom Ever, The Hills, The City, The Vineyard, and The Young And The Restless. As a performer, she’s done a staggering 1000+ shows across the United States. Some live highlights have been her holiday halftime performance featuring new original "Happiest of Holidays" and National Anthem performance (along with Shane Henry) at Madison Square Garden for the NY Knicks December 21, 2015, Main Stage Showcases at NACA Nationals, at the Hotel Cafe' in Hollywood, and Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2) in NYC; on separate occasions opening for Sara Bareilles and Tony Lucca; singing the National Anthem at the first NBA playoff game in Oklahoma history with more than 18,000 people in attendance, as well as playing the half-time show at the Oklahoma City Thunder / Portland Trailblazers game Christmas Eve 2014 along with Shane Henry featuring their original Christmas duet, "First Thing On My Christmas List". Additionally, Maggie was a featured background extra on Matthew Morrison's (Mr. Schu in Glee) music video for “It Don't Mean A Thing,”, a member of Demi Lovato's (and Jordin Sparks/Jason Derulo's) band for the 2013 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade, and she sang the role of Violetta on the English version of Disney Channel Latin America's Violetta (Season 1) that is currently airing across the globe. Maggie is a featured vocalist on the new American Girl / Bitty Baby (Mattel) "Love From Morning to Night" Album/Book, now available on iTunes and through American Girl Stores, as well as American Girl / Mega Bloks' National TV Commercial for Grace's 2-in-1 Buildable Home (now airing on Kids TV Networks like Disney and Nickelodeon). In addition, Maggie recently made her sitcom debut on ABC hit show "The Middle" on October 7, 2015 (Season 7, Episode 3) as a member of Sue Heck's no-cut a cappella club.

A major factor of Maggie’s success—aside from her transcendent artistry—has been her hardworking nature. She is completely independent, and assumes the roles of label, booking agent, and manager. “I’m a true believer that if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.”

It’s that roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-it ethic that’s enabled her to build a devoted fanbase through doing 400 shows in the past 3 years. “Each show is a blessing,” Maggie says. “I can’t go up there and push the ‘routine’ button. I make each one count and give the audience my best.”

Featured on MTV's The Challenge-Battle of the Bloodlines: "Time Moves On"
Featured on MTV's Real World-Skeletons: "Time Moves On"

Featured on Nomad Pictures' BLUR (On Camera Performance): "It's Alright" {BLUR has been accepted into the Cannes Film Festival 2016}
Featured on Yahoo 7's Winners & Losers (Australia): "Good Morning & Good Night", "Closer Than Before", "Liar, Liar", "Time Moves On"
Featured on TBS's Cougar Town: "Reset"
Featured in Violet Vignette Productions' Lothario: "Liar, Liar" and "Troubled Heart"

Featured on ABC Family's The Vineyard: "Sunshine", "You're Beautiful", "The Girl You Want To Be"
Featured on Oprah Winfrey Network's Dr. Phil: "Never Let You Down"
Featured in Samuel Goldwyn Films Twentieth Century Fox International's Cowgirls N' Angels: "Good Morning & Good Night"
Featured on MTV's The Real World: St. Thomas: "The Girl You Want To Be"
Featured on MTV's Worst. Prom. Ever.: "My Love"
Featured on MTV's The Hills and The City: "Out of My Mind", "Believe", "I Wonder Why", & "Life"
Featured on CBS's The Young and The Restless: "Out of My Mind", "All We Need", & "My Love"